Daily Archives: 13 March 2006

thank you for the days…

I’ve been thinking about Elvis Costello all day for my song du jour of the day. But I couldn’t settle on one song, until I went over to Vicki‘s. Her Mom passed away this weekend, and now my favorite blogistan sitcom, the Bud and Jan show, is off the air. And even though I went through this myself quite recently, I’m starting to realize that every situation is different, and having Been There helps you empathize, but it doesn’t teach you the right words to say to someone who’s going through it now.

Anyway. I listened to Days a lot right after my Dad died, thirteen years ago. A whole lot. Oh, and incidentally? He used to go into restaurants and ask “What’s the soup du jour of the day?” just to see the waitress look bewildered. Frequently. That’s why I keep repeating that joke, in case you were wondering. It’s kind of a tribute to my Dad. So no, even if you’re really really tired of it and you never thought it was funny in the first place, I’m not going to stop.

And I found this! Neat, huh?

get your own

and another milestone

Sometimes, when my children master some new skill, or start on some new phase, I find it hard to supply the unqualified rejoicing that such an occasion demands from other parents. Or perhaps the parents of other kids. What the Sniglet has done is, he’s written his first spontaneous word – that is, he didn’t copy something we’d written for him, he generated it without any model, purely from memory. This is good news! Unfortunately, the word he’s chosen for this first step on the path to literacy is:


Oh well, at least it’s a palindrome.