Daily Archives: 7 March 2006

re snow on the roof

Kymberlydi mentioned reading news reports about collapsing roofs. Yes, that is a concern here. At the moment the weight isn’t too threatening, even though there’s a lot of snow, but if it rains, that weight could triple and then it’ll be time to worry. Ignatz says the fire department was at his school today, clearing snow off the roof. I’m going to ask at the kindergarten tomorrow – there is one section with a flat roof that looks potentially troublesome. Otherwise, I think we’ll be okay. Most of the houses have fairly steep red ceramic tile roofs, very slippery when wet, so the snow will eventually slide off. You won’t want to stand too close to any of the houses when it warms up, though. And the mailmen will all deserve hazard-pay.

time to breathe into a paper sack

Mrs Next Door called yesterday morning to say that her students all want to continue their English conversation class, with me instead ofher as the teacher. Um, ulp?

So I went and dug out all my old materials from the TESL (um, Teaching English as a Second Language, that is) certification course, hoping they would sort of refresh my memory. They sort of did. That is, I don’t know that I remembered a lot about planning and structuring lessons, but I certainly recalled how grueling that course was. It was the first time since high school geometry that I tried to do something I have no talent for, and ended up actually having to work at it. It was a solid month of struggling, and I think I got a B- out of the course. For a straight-A student, that was demoralizing.

But. I paid a lot of money for that course and worked my butt off, for a certification I have not used, except for seven lessons with a neighbor’s four-year-old that were an unmitigated disaster. This is different. These are grown-ups. Motivated ones. And I have that certificate, and I’m damn well gonna use it.

Um, ulp?

Song du jour of the day: I have a really persistent song virus from Banaroo, Germany’s latest manufactured teeny-pop atrocity. Hm, an interesting problem. The song to exorcise a demon song virus must be terminally catchy, with really good percussion, so I’m going to have to go with Talking Heads, and Sax and Violins. Yeah.


You can’t see me, but I’m doing a little happy-dance.

Just a small one.