Hi, I’m Stupid

So DrBob’s 40th birthday is next weekend, major big deal and all, and do you think I can come up with any decent ideas for a present? Can I bollocks. The gypsy knife-sharpeners ruined our bread knife a few months ago, and replacing it was a good idea. DrBob said he might buy a new one and I said “NO! You may NOT buy a bread knife!” I wasn’t even quick enough to use the usual standby of “erm, we’ve…uh, done f-fine with this uh, crappy one for awhile, might as well save our money, eh?” Which is our long-established Secret Code for “no, that’s what I’m getting you for [insert upcoming gift-occasion here].” Urk.

So yeah, I bought a bread knife intended for his birthday, last Thursday. The VERY NEXT DAY was San José Day, the anniversary of the day we met, and he had a gift for me. And I had…a gift for him! Yes! A lovely bread-knife! Wasn’t I thoughtful? Okay, back to the drawing board on the birthday thing.

Chapter two, part of his San José Day gift to me was an Arctic Monkeys CD. We like them, they’re good. Not much later I found out they’re going to play here in May. Did I scamper off to the internets and secretly buy a couple tickets to give him on his birthday, to indicate that he is still all rock-n-roll, even at 40? Did I bollocks. No, I immediately IM-ed him to say hey, this concert, cool, should we go? He says he can’t decide, he’s so busy, I should decide for both of us, and that is when I think hey wait – I need to come up with a birthday present whippety-quick, he gives me concert tickets for gift-occasions all the time… wait … it’s coming to me … a thought … hang on … two … plus … two … hang on, I’ve almost got it…

But of course, I’ve already told him.

SIGH. Can I get a DUH?


4 responses to “Hi, I’m Stupid

  • vickihttp://outsidein.typepad.com

    Well, good luck with this. I have trouble finding good gifts for Rich. He gets the stuff he wants- the right golf balls, a club, an electronic gizmo. I knit him one sweater a year and that works but you’re on short notice for that. Hmmm. Really exceptional socks- I mean something so comfortable, so unique, so chic…
    I guess they would still be socks. Keep us posted!

  • Elemmaciltur

    hahahaha, so now you’re not only a bit evil, but also have done a Homer Simpson! *LOL*

  • The Boy

    A bread knife for his birthday??

    I once got my wife a nifty frying pan for her’s and she whacked me a good one with it.

    She walked away, mumbling something about romance . . .

  • alala

    He’s German. Germans are absolutely obsessed with bread. Seriously. They travel all over the world so they can bitch about how much better the bread Back Home is. I have seen this.

    Besides, it was just an anniversary. His gift to me? A CD that he wanted, from a band I’d never heard of.

    Ain’t love grand?

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