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Auntie Meme! Auntie Meme!

Tagged again, and this is a fun one. (Oog, that reminds me that I’ve had this one I ganked from Eric Meyer in my blog.txt file for ages, gotta get that one up too…). Anyway. From Landismom over at Bumblebee Sweet Potato:

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they are any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Right, well, I haven’t learned how to put a song in a web page. I know I am woefully behind on the whole internet-music-thing, and if I were Zazzafooky I’d be all “Click to listen, right-click to download” and then I would be just Too. Damn. Cool. But I’m not, and I am really sorry about that. If I’d-a known this meme was coming, I woulda figured it out.

So I’ll start with the song virus that is in my head right this very minute: Riot Van, by the Arctic Monkeys. This is new to us, and I’m really liking it. And yeah, I bought the tickets. Even if I can’t surprise him, this show’s gonna be too good to miss.

Then there’s Marvin Gaye’s Can I Get a Witness. So much fun, that song is. Makes me hop around the kitchen. Also, the opening piano bit reminds me of something…the Sesame Street theme song, maybe. Which came first? Who cares, it’s cool.

I love, love, LOVE Mando Diao lately. I got Bring ‘Em In for DrBob for Christmas, and let him keep it for almost 40 minutes before I stole it back. Poke around the site, check out the lyrics, observe how they make absolutely no sense. Fabulous. Sheepdog is the first track on that one, the hook I suppose. Worked on me.

Speaking of shrieking Swedes, The Hives’ B is for Brutus? Best. Riff. EVER! This is the song that makes me dance like I’m being riddled with bullets. But, you know, in a good way.

Shy, by Ani DiFranco. Yeah. Take that, motherfucker.

Hm, Lighten up a bit? Okey-dokey! RuPaul’s A Little Bit of Love, just to show I’m not all about the angry stuff. I am, however, all about jumping around the kitchen.

I’d love to include some Talking Heads, something by the Cure, maybe Violent Femmes or XTC? We just bought Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, which reminds me of all of those. Here, it says on their site that you can listen to Over and Over Again (Lost and Found), and they won’t mind.

Is that seven? Okay, then!

Seven people to tag:
~d. Mentions music in her profile, and I’ve been meaning to ask anyway.
Jeneane. Actually, I don’t think Jeneane does memes. But I bet she knows a lot of good music, so this is worth a try.
Amber. Because I bet Amber’s cool enough to know how to actually link to .mp3 files. If that’s legal.
Elemmaciltur. Quick, before you leave! What will you be listening to on that 13-hour flight, when the barbarians won’t let you knit?
Kevin. Because he’s neglecting his blog lately, and to give Kelly a break. Since she called me “bad” the last time I tagged her. Hmph.
James. Getting to knoooooow yoooou, la-la-la…Also running out of unique reasons.
Mabel. Just wondering.

Hi, I’m Stupid

So DrBob’s 40th birthday is next weekend, major big deal and all, and do you think I can come up with any decent ideas for a present? Can I bollocks. The gypsy knife-sharpeners ruined our bread knife a few months ago, and replacing it was a good idea. DrBob said he might buy a new one and I said “NO! You may NOT buy a bread knife!” I wasn’t even quick enough to use the usual standby of “erm, we’ve…uh, done f-fine with this uh, crappy one for awhile, might as well save our money, eh?” Which is our long-established Secret Code for “no, that’s what I’m getting you for [insert upcoming gift-occasion here].” Urk.

So yeah, I bought a bread knife intended for his birthday, last Thursday. The VERY NEXT DAY was San José Day, the anniversary of the day we met, and he had a gift for me. And I had…a gift for him! Yes! A lovely bread-knife! Wasn’t I thoughtful? Okay, back to the drawing board on the birthday thing.

Chapter two, part of his San José Day gift to me was an Arctic Monkeys CD. We like them, they’re good. Not much later I found out they’re going to play here in May. Did I scamper off to the internets and secretly buy a couple tickets to give him on his birthday, to indicate that he is still all rock-n-roll, even at 40? Did I bollocks. No, I immediately IM-ed him to say hey, this concert, cool, should we go? He says he can’t decide, he’s so busy, I should decide for both of us, and that is when I think hey wait – I need to come up with a birthday present whippety-quick, he gives me concert tickets for gift-occasions all the time… wait … it’s coming to me … a thought … hang on … two … plus … two … hang on, I’ve almost got it…

But of course, I’ve already told him.

SIGH. Can I get a DUH?