is it just me…

Nearly every girl figure-skater has included this move in at least one of her routines this Olympics. Excuse me, why are they all doing this? Is it graceful? Is it attractive? No! Every one of them looks like a dog at a fire hydrant.


6 responses to “is it just me…

  • Elemmaciltur

    Okay, this is gros, so you might want to skip it:

    Maybe the gals are having some ‘Blähungen’ und needed some extra speed in the skate. *ROFL*

    Okay, I know, I’m a disgusting little git. (Sorry, 3 cups of Senseo do that to me)

  • alala

    Haaaaha! Propelled across the ice by farting! I love it!

  • Amber

    LOL – I thought it was fairly unattractive too… but as your own selection of photos display, some much less attractive than others!

  • ~d (tilde)

    is that pubes I see?

  • rebecca

    not to be a party pooper here,
    but that move, is in the programs for a reason.
    it is a very difficult move actually.
    when skaters do a difficult move, it adds points to their score.
    …and points win a competition.
    also, before you go on, making fun of this move,
    i would love to see you try to execute it properly.

  • alala

    Um, thanks, I can see from here that it’s difficult. That was never in question.

    And for heaven’s sake, who said you can only laugh at things if you can execute them perfectly? What a ridiculous limitation.

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