not a great start to a day

Bleah. My left eye is red and puffy and oozy and achy – I woke up several times in the night to find that my eye was glued shut by gunk on the lashes. Yuck. Dr.Bob says it’s “augencatarrh”. I haven’t google-translated that yet, but I think it means something like “eye-snot”. Anyway, apparently it will go away on its own, or I can go to the doctor and get eye drops. €10 copay? Nothanks! Guess I’ll wait.

I have to go to work today! Am I supposed to put makeup on this thing? I have to meet the new webmaster looking like a prizefighter! I was going to go to curry night, too. But I feel yucky. Not flattened, but coughy, sneezy, generally icky.

Also. I have the dreaded VPSV: Very Persistent Song Virus. And what do you do with such a song virus? That’s right, you share it! Click at your own risk. Well, actually you’ll have to click twice, once to get to the page and then again to hear the song. So there’s still time to turn back! Right, you’ve been warned. From Emma Bull‘s blog, I give you: yet another gem from the mighty Weird Al. And like Em says, listen all the way to the very end.



2 responses to “not a great start to a day

  • Amber

    Sounds like Conjunctivitis (pink eye) to me. My Belgian doctor suggests a camomille tea wash and it has alway cleared it up very quickly with the kids.

    Simply make a cup of camomille tea (hold the sugar *wink*) cool to ‘warm’, using cotton ball gently wash your eye.

  • Elemmaciltur

    Oh gawwwwd, I’m happy I have only the flu…coz I’d hate having conjunctivitis!

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