Daily Archives: 13 February 2006

hm, what was that thing…?

I spent the entire weekend and most of today sweating bullets over that job application. Gah. Did I mention how much I absolutely hate this process? Seriously, between job hunting and dental work without anesthesia? Um, gimme a minute… no, I need more time to think about it. I’ll let you know when I decide.

Anyway. With a little help from Dr.Bob – actually a little? It is to scoff. He did the whole thing for me. Which is not to say I didn’t try, I did. I wrote a whole cover letter, IN GERMAN, and sent it to him for proofreading. He rewrote the whole thing. So, um, guess I still have a way to go with that whole “Learning German” thing. (Yes, Nate. Air quotes.)

Hm. Digress much? Oh right. The job application. It’s done. The email is written, the resumé and various certificates are online. I’ll send the email in tomorrow morning at eight, so as to look all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Yeah, right. We all know how I really look in the morning – hey wait. We don’t! Most of my readers have never seen my morning face! Hah! (Shut up, Kel)

Didja get that? It’s done! More or less! It’s good practice! You never get the first job you apply for, right? Probably not. But still. I finished something excruciating and I am drained and exhausted and need a big ol’ break. Huh? What’s that? Did you say…HOMEWORK? Oh yes, that is due in about two hours, isn’t it? Have I even looked at the assignment? Uh, that would be a ‘no’.

Right! Off to do that, then! No problem, no problem, plenty of time to sleep when I’m DEAD.

this winter in pictures

If you follow this link, there’s a Sueddeutsche slideshow of the conditions in eastern Bavaria. Vorheriges Bild means Previous Picture. Nächstes Bild means Next Picture. You should probably be glad you can’t read the captions. Especially the one about the school bus driver who died of a heart attack while driving a busload of kids. I think the kids are all okay, but Jeez.

We are. So lucky. To live here. And not there. I sure wouldn’t want to be on top of my house, trying to clear the snow off before the roof caves in.

but I’m much better now.

Your Inner Child Is Sad

You’re a very sensitive soul.
You haven’t grown that thick skin that most adults have.
Easily hurt, you tend to retreat to your comfort zone.
You don’t let many people in – unless you’ve trusted them for a long time.

I mean, I was like that. As a kid. But I’m fine now. Honest. Don’t worry, okay?

this is going to turn into a shoe-freak blog any day now

Okay, I was going to give ~d first shot at this image, because she’s the one who found them, but I just … couldn’t … resist! Darrgh!

Are those fabulous or what? Boy, if I had a daughter… muahahaha…

But sigh, I couldn’t possibly get them for myself. I already have a pair of embroidered purple satin Chuck Taylor All-Stars that I never wear. Because they’re too nice and I don’t wanna mess ’em up. I couldn’t find a picture of them on the net (guess my google-fu is not strong enough), so you’ll just have to use your imagination, sorry.

Did you get the boots?

People ask questions and make Very Helpful Comments in my comment section, and I always mean to answer them, really-truly, but… I… don’t. Other things happen, I get sidetracked. Gee, can’t imagine where Ignatz gets that whole disorganized-thing.

So I wrote an entry answering the three latest questions, and it came out desperately long and tedious. I’ll have to break it down into chunks, or lose my audience. We’ll try one question per post, yeah? It’s the only way to keep me on track, I think.

So yes. I ordered the boots, um, yesterday. The paisley ones. The blue ones are certainly jaunty, and they remind me a bit of my Mom’s art, but remember those old Highlights magazine bits where they showed a big picture with lots of little things hidden in it, like a key in the bark of a tree? Right, well, I look at those artsy teal boots, and I see… pizza. ~d is right, the paisley ones are more versatile.

Later entries will answer questions about Ignatz and whether we will ever return to the States, but I am still slogging away at that job application. Gark. Must go do that.