Daily Archives: 11 February 2006

more scary weather

Did I say it was only snowing a little? Well, it was, but it continued doing so ALL DAY, so there was still about 8 inches of snow for me to clear from the driveway and front walk. This picture isn’t here, it’s a bit east of here, in Lower Bavaria. Yep, some bad craziness, and it gets badder the further east you go. Y’all might remember that ice rink roof collapse in Bad Reichenhall last month that killed 15 people? There was another one, worse, at an exhibition hall in Katowice, Poland. A grocery store roof in Töging caved in a couple days ago, and a school in Austria had to be evacuated on Wednesday. No one was hurt in the latter two, fortunately, but other places have been less fortunate. The snow is too wet and heavy this year; and usually we have periodic warmups that melt some (or all) of it off, but this year it’s just been accumulating; and snow that sticks usually starts in January, but this year it started mid-November. All that means that roofs meant to take the normal burden of a subalpine winter are just not up to this.

Oh dear.