Oh, yes. Winter.

Yet another annual tradition that I’d managed to forget about. The heater’s broken. Again, yes. Mm-hm, every year since we moved in! Fortunately we rent, so we don’t have to pay to get it fixed, but if I were the landlord I’d be pretty annoyed by now. Anyway, the fixit guy came yesterday (at weekend rate$, oy vey) and fixed it, but this morning it was down again and Dr.Bob decided to wait and call tomorrow. On weekdays they charge slightly less, and the problem is apparently a part that needs replacing, and you’d never get that done on a Sunday, so even if we called the fixit guy back in, basically it would cost the landlord a bundle and achieve nothing for us. We would still be without heat for an entire day. In the winter. When it’s like 15° out.

Annoyed? Of course not! You all know how much I loooooooove being cold.

It’s a very big, very international company, and apparently I could get in legal trouble for making some general statement about them involving words like “useless” or “garbage” or even “duh”. So let’s put it this way. Our heater was made by Viessmann, and it has broken down every winter, four years in a row. Draw your own conclusions.

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