a somewhat-sick child

Nothing worth complaining about, of course, especially since the Next Doors had some vile stomach virus last weekend, and with a newborn in the house too, eyuurgh. No, the Sniglet just has a little cold, not a big deal at all. But I still kept him home for two days. Tuesday was a no-brainer – it was their “Wandertag”. This is a German thing: every so often, the school or kindergarten takes the kids on a long walk, through a forest or to a sunflower field or something, for the whole school day. A nice tradition, when it’s not colder than a welldigger’s ass (thank you Mr. Waits), but can we get real for a minute? Lately, you go outside and you can feel the blood vessels in your face freeze and snap. And call me an overprotective helicopter-mama if you will, but even a slightly-sick child should not be marching around the woods in subzero temperatures for three hours. So I kept him home on Tuesday.

Keeping him home on Wednesday was more in the nature of a public-service decision. He refuses to blow his nose, and forgets to cover his face when he sneezes, so I can just see him blatting snerkies all over the kindergarten train-set. Way to make friends.

And that really is about all we’ve had going on. The Peanut had his appointment with his shrink today. She does some kind of play-therapy, so all he ever reports is “We played Monopoly” or some such. I try not to press him for details, it seems like I should try to make this whole process as stressless as I can for him. Besides, she’ll tell me whatever she thinks I need to know at my appointments.

2 responses to “a somewhat-sick child

  • KimberlyDi

    Play therapy. I want that job since I can color pictures with the best of the 3-year-olds. My co-worker’s wife is finishing her degree to become a Play Therapist. She probably needs these skills to cope with her Child (I mean Husband). LOL I hope you see some signs of improvement soon.

  • landismom

    Ugh! Hope the Sniglet feels better.

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