So I staggered to bed at 4 a.m. after the NFC game, and set my alarm for 11:30 to be sure I’d get up in time to pick up the Sniglet from kindergarten – Dr.Bob got up with the little vipers at 7, so I didn’t have to. Yes, I am well aware that I have the Best Husband in the Universe, thank you. Anyway, I slept through all that. He did wake me at some point to tell me he was leaving for work, at which I opened one eye, croaked “We won!” and flomped back to sleep. Since then I occasionally break into a little happy-dance, or feel compelled to shout “Detroit, baby!” but mostly I’ve got it under control.

I finished the Final Exam for the database course, which was mind-bogglingly worse than the Final Project which I had thought could not be topped. Life is full of surprises. If he doesn’t send it back for revisions, I am done with the course, which would call for a “yay”, but I’m so wrecked by the whole experience that a feeble “whew” is all I can manage. The course was fine, materials good, teacher great – zero complaints on that score, but I was just so wildly out of my depth. Not to mention overwhelmed by outside events that bore no relation to the course but still affected my work some.

Which makes it all the more important that I get a job in database administration right away, quick before I forget everything. Except that oops, the very husband who was all keen for me to have a career and get out from underfoot and all that is now…not so much. Because around here, jobs are mostly in Munich, and if I have to commute every day, I’ll be gone a lot, and more childcare and housework duties will fall to him. This is not bad per se, see Best Husband comment above. But he has to finish this third book by July or some unspecified form of Career Death will result, so for the next six months he really does need to be writing every minute. Getting up with the kids is a superb thing, because it enables me to sleep more, and gets him up early so he can start working. But it really is the most he can do right now.

In my snarkier moments I used to say that he desperately wanted me to have a career until he found out that it would require me to leave the house occasionally. But I’m not so snarky these days, probably because I’m getting enough sleep.

So there’s the conundrum. By July I will have forgotten everything I learned in this class, I promise. By the time I got to the Final Etceteras I’d already forgotten everything before lesson 4 (of 8), to my chagrin. But I’m still webmastering. Still taking the ambiguously-named Web Techy-Thingy course. Still working for the AHF on fridays. Still helping my husband be a translator. Kinda, maybe, still a bit on the busy side, to be looking for another job. Sigh. I guess timing is everything. Anyway, techie-types don’t actually remember ALL that stuff, they just keep their reference books handy. I’ll just be using my reference books a bit a lot more.


3 responses to “onward

  • Kelly

    I have the PERFECT solution! You help me set up my recipe database! I’ll give you access codes and everything! Solves both our problems!

  • alala

    Uh, yeah! Actually I was meaning to ask you if we could work on that together. Thanks for the reminder. Speaking of reminders, where’s that meme I tagged you for?

    word verification word: ustzo. That’s Hungarian for oops.

  • Kelly

    Erg. I am bad. I completely forgot. Will do that, I swear. Really. But yes, yes yes help me with my database!

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