Daily Archives: 16 January 2006


Um, backstory: one of my Christmas gifts, from Firstborn I think, was a computer accessory kit that included, blessedly, a number keypad – the only thing I miss about having a laptop. El husband thinks I’m crazy, but there you go.

Anyway, Secondborn is fascinated with it and wants to sit on my lap and press numbers, so I opened a .txt file for him to play in and he typed all the numbers. Then he said he wanted to type another number and I said go for it kid, and he said, “It’s a number that’s not here on this paddington!”

Which I will concede is only mildly cute, but I typed it in the .txt file so I wouldn’t forget it, and now I want to close that file (there is no reason to save a bunch of random child-generated numbers), but that quote is in there, and I have to put it somewhere. So here you go. The depth of my commitment to you, my readers, is… no, let’s not finish that thought.