Haven’t written in seems-like-forever, and it’s not because blogging is like work and I’m on vacation, oh, no. It’s because blogging is like fun and I’m at work. The kids can: entertain himself with his new swag (Firstborn) or hang out at the Oompas’ for three days because he has to be home this weekend when Nigel comes (Secondborn) and Da Husband has to write Da Book so I have a quiet house to work in and my whole brain has been poured into works like this:
CREATE TRIGGER DelAuthor ON authors
(SELECT ‘true’
FROM Deleted d
JOIN titleauthor ta
ON d.au_id = ta.au_id
RAISERROR(‘Author still has titles in the database. Delete failed.’,16,1)

So much talent. Tragically wasted. After all this struggle, someone dang well better give me a job.

And now, more homework. Gah.

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