Daily Archives: 19 December 2005

i know, i know…

I haven’t blogged in what, four days, which is like a decade in internet-time. I can’t remember what I did during those days, but I was probably busy, since I’m rarely not. And today I have That Headache. You know, the one that feels like my right eye is digging a tunnel through to my left ear? Yeah, that one.

I think it was spawned by my job. Again. This outfit, um, publishes books, sort of, sometimes (this is me being circumspect because I blogged something about half the texts being “crap anyway” some time ago and got in trouble for it, though I did not get dooced, for which I cannot decide whether to be grateful or not. But I digress). Where was I? Oh right, books get published and subsequently reviewed, and if the reviewers are proud residents of the 21st century, the reviews are online somewhere and all I have to do is post a link to them. But come on, this is the Humanities we are talking about, so most of them haven’t even caught up with the previous century – boy are they gonna be ticked if they ever find out it’s been and gone. Don’t worry, they won’t find out.

So sometimes I get a ditto-copy of a review, three pages in two columns this last time, and I have to scan it and put it up as a readable image, which is not exactly difficult, but it’s tedious, time-consuming, and so bizarrely, counter-intuitively wrong-on-so-many-levels that it gives me That Headache. I mean, I expect a certain amount of tedium from webmastering, there are some things you just have to slog through. But the cognitive dissonance created by scanning and posting three pages of text as an image makes my brain hurt.

And then I write only to complain, so see, you should probably be glad you haven’t heard from me in four days!

Oh, but here’s a very small story about my neighbor: I bumped into her Saturday, both of us having recently had spats with our husbands and still seething, and I made a joking reference to Strangers on a Train. She didn’t get it, so I sketched out the basic plot for her, and she said “Oh, okay. Well then, please don’t actually kill my husband, all right? Because I really do want to do it myself.”

hahahahaha(um, you’re scaring me?)hahahahaha…