Daily Archives: 7 December 2005

They all liked the jambalaya, which can only mean one thing.

The aliens must have gotten them all at the same time.


He: What’s dinner?

Me: Jambalaya! Hah! Son2 will hate it!

He: Is this a new policy? Are you out to get him or something?

Me: No, I’ve just figured out that I can cook a lot more stuff if I don’t have to care whether he likes it or not. He hates everything I make anyway.

He: That’s not true, there are some things he likes.

Me: Yeah, like two things. He’s like your dad. And I respect your mom, but I don’t want her life.

He: You could occasionally make something he likes.

Me: He could occasionally eat something I make!

He: Well, I guess you’re even then.

ooop, there goes another one

I do believe it’s “warming up”, in the sense that the snow is melting and another giant wodge of it just slid off the roof past my window, and…nope, didn’t get the mailman. This time. It is not warming up in the sense of feeling any warmer, and you still risk your life if you venture outside with any exposed skin, unfortunately. Excuse me, I need to go work on my list of excuses not to leave the house.