Daily Archives: 3 December 2005

Lame Duck Job Syndrome

It’s not really that bad a job. Okay, the people who tell me what to do don’t have any idea about HTML, so no – I mean literally, zero – clue about what is easy or difficult, possible or im. But come on, how many people work in a similar situation? Most, I would bet. It’s not uncommon, and not really unbearable. And I’m not quitting because I hate it hate it hate it. My contract expires at the end of the year, is all, and I’ve decided not to renew because I have to look for a job that goes with my shiny new database management certificate. I’m movin’ on up. Admittedly, I have the distinct impression that they will be happy to see the back of me, because I’m a lot more uppity than they expect from women around here, but for my part, I have no real hostility toward them.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, AAAAAAARRGH! Not at the job itself, but at the lame duckness of it. The simple fact that I will not have this job in four weeks makes it unutterably cringeworthily horritudinous now. A few simple page updates, that’s all she wants, she asked for it Thursday and I am now, Saturday night, banging my head on my desk (ow!) trying to convince myself to do it.

I was going to blog, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. So I open up HTML-Kit and download the .doc with the changes on it, and babing! I’m inspired! To blog! Not to work!

(Babing! Babing! We took Thing1 to a birthday party in A Nearby Town, and on the way we passed a sign to a place called Babing. Heh.)

Dinner tonight: garlic lemon salmon, broccoli, and rice. No children present, so we were able to have an adult conversation. For the uninitiated, “adult conversation” doesn’t mean it contains swear words, violence, and/or sexual situations, it just means no interruptions of the “Mama! Look how many rice grains I can fit up my nose!” variety. We should do this more often.

Okay, now I really really have to do those page updates.