on holiday

Well, the hotel where Kilian and Robert were planning to go, the place we went two years ago, they didn’t get any cancellations, but they mentioned another place, about a 20-minute walk away, which did have a vacancy. So the plan now is that the kids and I will stay at Bad Dreikirchen, and Robert will stay at the other place, and join us for dinner.

So we are all four leaving on saturday, and will be gone a whole week. Wireless – no email, no blog updates, though I will take my computer. Kilian and I will still blog, we just won’t be able to upload it until we get back. Also (Mom), you can phone the hotel if there’s an emergency.

Um, yay? I feel massively guilty for displacing Robert. He says he doesn’t mind, he has an article to write, will appreciate the quiet, etc. But I still feel guilty. The place is much cheaper than B3K too, and I can’t help wondering why it’s so much cheaper. What if they just hand him a blanket and point him to the cowshed?

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