Daily Archives: 18 August 2005

on holiday

Well, the hotel where Kilian and Robert were planning to go, the place we went two years ago, they didn’t get any cancellations, but they mentioned another place, about a 20-minute walk away, which did have a vacancy. So the plan now is that the kids and I will stay at Bad Dreikirchen, and Robert will stay at the other place, and join us for dinner.

So we are all four leaving on saturday, and will be gone a whole week. Wireless – no email, no blog updates, though I will take my computer. Kilian and I will still blog, we just won’t be able to upload it until we get back. Also (Mom), you can phone the hotel if there’s an emergency.

Um, yay? I feel massively guilty for displacing Robert. He says he doesn’t mind, he has an article to write, will appreciate the quiet, etc. But I still feel guilty. The place is much cheaper than B3K too, and I can’t help wondering why it’s so much cheaper. What if they just hand him a blanket and point him to the cowshed?