It’s like multi-tasking! Only not. I should email various people, I should work on this redesign, or that one, or send out a few postcards to some Luddites I haven’t heard from in years, or clean up the kitchen – I did fold the laundry, so I’m doing better than most days – but most of all, it’s 11:15 and I should go to bed.

But I’m not tired. But I don’t want to commit to anything that takes more than 15 minutes or so, because I might be tired then. Or not. So tonight (and I do this often) I’ve been lurching from time-killer to time-killer, checking the forums, reading my feeds, making cocoa, etc. Not that the feeds are solely for time-killing purposes, but that’s what I’ve been using them for tonight. But I was reading Eric’s blog, and it led me to Molly’s blog (I feel weird writing about them by their first names, since I don’t know them – I may be being very rude, in which case I apologize), both blogging about why they blog. Hm. Metablogging?

Anyway. They’re both very smart people, and their main points seemed to be about combining their personal and professional lives in their respective blogs, and about how much your blog reflects your personality, and of course That Got Me Thinking. (Also, blogging, for me, is a time-killer, and allows me to stave off work for a while and hope I get tired soon.) Well, I did blog about work a lot, since it was the only thing I did besides housework (boring) and raising my kids (and people who drone on and on about their perfect children are unutterably tiresome, so I try really hard not to do that, even though my (im)perfect children are the grandsons, bio or step, of about 75% of this blog’s audience). But then I got called on the carpet at work, as I’m sure you recall. Also, yesterday on the phone my brother noted that I complain about my job a lot in my blog, which I hadn’t noticed. Don’t like that – it was never my intention to publish a big wad of complaints.

So there’s not so much professional stuff anymore. I’m not Molly and Eric, anyway, so my musings about web design are not really that groundbreaking, not to mention that it’s not a suitable topic for the aforementioned 75% of my audience.

Then there’s the second part. I wonder how accurately this blog represents my personality. A fair bit gets left out, unfortunately. Today I wrote two emails, to Jenny and Kelly, and told them both a lot of the same things. Thought 1: hm, general interest – maybe this should go into the blog. Thought 2: nah, I’ve already typed it twice. So okay, the laziness is an accurate reflection. Also the repetition, because I do tell people the same things over and over again. But I don’t know that it accurately reflects my priorities. Things to covet was a big long entry about the Sarpaneva pot, and really, that’s about as much thought as I’ve given to that subject over the last two years. Gus losing teeth was much more important, and I think it got less air time. And the Fair! That’s been a big deal so far, and this is the first time I’ve mentioned it.

So bleh. Should I blog more, and risk (even more) repetitiveness, or save it for the really pithy stuff? No idea. Guess I’ll just continue to operate on instinct.

I’ll tell you about the fair tomorrow. Probably. I think I’m tired enough to sleep now.

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