Daily Archives: 8 August 2005

bad weather blues

It’s COLD! There was hail today. Yes, it is August 8th here too. This is so unfair. Blues is actually the wrong word, since it connotes depression, and what I’m feeling is more like annoyance. But “bad weather snit” doesn’t really have the same ring to it.

If it stays like this I’m definitely not going to the reggae thing – ankle-deep in mud with a bunch of stoned teenage white rastas, I’m sorry, that’s just too much. But maybe that’s just the snit talking. I am in a rotten mood, what with work and Robert’s job stress and he also has an injury that isn’t going away, and the weather and my cold feet and two coldsores and having to wait two years for another Harry Potter book (just kidding, that’s not a real problem) and okay, my kids are fabulous but everything else is just ticking me right off. Except my mom – she’s not feeling too good right now and that doesn’t irritate me, but I am a bit worried. And I tried to call her tonight but just as I started dialing I noticed that the phone’s battery is on its last legs so I have to charge it first, and that’s irritating.

Gritch, gritch, gritch. I try not to have too many blog entries like this, but then sometimes I go weeks without blogging and that’s bad too – not that I’m grouchy for weeks, but I get busy. Anyway, here’s a news flash: blogging is no longer cool! Can you believe that? Guess I better stop, then.

(Sheesh. Who gives a rip if it’s cool or not? If that’s the only reason you were doing it, you should have your computer privileges taken away permanently. I’m just sayin’.)