Daily Archives: 21 June 2005

bad life-lessons

I was a Total Flake. Total. Blah blah JOB stuff, blah blah blogging, houseguests on Sunday, there is no excuse. What I did is I slacked off on the homework and didn’t even start doing the reading until yesterday, didn’t tackle the assignment until about noon today, having made a date to watch Germany vs. Argentina (football/soccer to you non-sports-people) at 9. Bad me. And I still got the assignment done by 8 and had time to tidy the house a bit, though the laundry is still waiting. But what is the message here? “Ya better not leave the homework till the last minute, young lady, cause if ya do…well, you’ll get lots of other stuff done and still be on time with the assignment.” What kind of life lesson is that?

I’ll probably get a D on this assignment. I must have missed something, it can’t have been that easy.