Daily Archives: 18 June 2005


I forgot about the kittens! Okay, tomorrow, remind me to tell you about the kittens.

busy busy bee

It’s fun having to think of a title for every post. I should have thought of that a long time ago.

Okay, I seriously cannot remember why I didn’t blog yesterday. In fact, I can’t remember anything about yesterday, it’s like Friday didn’t exist at all. Oh wait, I got something: I made soup. And there was no kindergarten, for some sadistically random reason – that would be why the day disappeared then. I fried my brain on constant contact with my four-year-old. God, I’m a terrible mother.

Anyway. Today I moved my office from the living-room up to my bedroom. I moved the computer up several days ago, parked it on a really low table and then had to sit on the floor and change position every ten seconds to keep my legs working. Yes, I still have that low blood-pressure/poor circulation thing, even though I quit smoking eight years ago. Anyway, today the desk came up, and a chair, and I removed the rugs and beat the dust out of them and vacuumed like a madwoman, and changed the sheets. Ooo, digression coming. Can’t…divert…aagh!

So cleaning, what is with that, huh? I get on these jags, I get so darn industrious, and scrub and tidy and organize, but my focus is seriously off. I mean, I do this all the time, right, guests are showing up in 5 minutes, there are piles of stuff all over the house, and there I am scrubbing the tile-grout behind the downstairs bathroom door with an old toothbrush. My priorities are totally skewed. Yes, I’ve been hysterically busy and stressed, so has Robert, so, for example, the floors in this house have not been vacuumed or mopped in, um, two weeks? Three? Something like that. Anyway, we have guests coming tomorrow, Robert sprained his left index finger yesterday and will not be able to help clean, and today I expended all this energy beating rugs and moving furniture and sorting papers and changing sheets, and my bedroom looks fabulous, if I do say so myself. But our guests are not going to see my bedroom. They’re going to see the rest of the house, which is still a total pit, I’m burned out on cleaning, and Robert’s wounded. I do this all the time, and I only ever notice it in hindsight. Duh.

Right. End digression. I did use my spiffy-clean bedroom/office to finish up that new request from L, mentioned a few entries ago – the thing I was stalling on. And make a good-sized dent in the final project for my database course; I’m trying to do a chunk of it each week, so when the course is over it will be mostly done, and I’ll only have to polish it a bit. It’s a big project, and would be too intimidating to take on all at once. I’ve also made a start on Robert’s publications database, so I feel like I had a pretty productive day.

Anyway. This was me taking a break. I’ll go back to the database for awhile and then very sensibly go to bed.