Daily Archives: 16 June 2005


The blog-every-day thing isn’t really working out. I was actually pretty proud of myself earlier this week, I got my homework done a whole day early, so I was able to use the next day to finish up the Translation From Hell, and organized my notes from the AHF job – there is a lot to remember on this, and a lot of decisions I have to make by myself, so I’m constantly jotting down reminders in random places and then am later unable to remember which ones were important. So that was a lot, so I earned some TV-time – this is my geeky reward: if I get my homework done before 9:15 Tuesday night, I get to watch Desperate Housewives (in German). Chosen because there seems to be a lot of hype around it, and because the time is right, but I have to say I think I’m missing a lot of the plot points because all the men look so alike.

Of course, I can’t just watch TV, I also have to be Useful. Last week I folded 5 loads of laundry. This week I managed to iron two shirts in one hour. That’s pathetic, isn’t it? I didn’t make any mistakes, I have to go slow or I’ll iron wrinkles into the clothes, but still, 30 minutes per shirt seems um, excessive. Oh, our iron doesn’t do steam, so I have to squirt the clothes with a spray-bottle, could that be part of the problem? Maybe if I did it more than twice a year, got some practice, I could do it a bit faster.

So I went to Munich to work yesterday. Ran some errands first, in the most seethingly inefficient way you can imagine – I can’t go to this Body Shop, it has to be that Body Shop, much farther away, because they had that eyeshadow on sale, but no, you know, the stuff is practically invisible when I put some on my hand, why buy eyeshadow that can’t be seen, so forget it, so there was no reason to come here after all, the other, closer Body Shop had a lot more hair stuff, now I have to settle for the Amlika conditioner (what the hell is amlika?) when I really wanted the blueberry. I do everything this way. Because I’m insane, that’s why.

So then I worked. Robert’s eyes roll back in his head when I tell him about my job, so I’ll take that to mean it’s not very interesting. I won’t bore you with it. Then I went to Curry Night and watched the waiters try to out-macho the others (not me, obviously) with their super-insane-spicy food. It was actually pretty entertaining. But it was also someone’s birthday, and I really was going to leave and get some sleep around10:30, but everybody else was leaving too, and she didn’t seem to be done having her birthday, and then she said the “M” word (margarita) and from that point I was doomed. They were very nice margaritas, in a very noisy bar, and I was fine walking back to the office, it’s not like I was staggering into the 8 lanes of traffic Ludwigstr. has to offer at any hour of the day or night. So I really don’t know why I woke up at 4, at 7, and at 10 this morning with a mouth like the Mojave and the distinct feeling that my right eye was trying to dig a tunnel through to my left ear. I don’t know if it was what I ate, or what I drank, or just the staying up too late – hell, it could have been the weather. Whatever it was, it was…unpleasant. And I was out of money so I had to stagger to the bank and the cash machine was empty and the bankdude said no, I couldn’t withdraw money from my account, even though it was a branch of my bank, and I – hungover, possibly food-poisoned, pre-coffee – did not have the German to get the details on why. So I called Robert and he directed me to another bank and I got coffee at the Bad Place (the Newsbar, Mom will remember that – it’s gone way downhill) and burned my tongue and staggered back to the office and seriously thought about sleeping some more. But then I threw up in the sink and after that I felt much better, so I decided to go to work.

Isn’t it great that I freelance, and can go in whenever I want? If I’d had to be at work at 9, I might have left the Curry Night before it turned to margaritas (we went somewhere else for the margaritas, no, you can’t get margaritas at an Indian restaurant. Not in Munich, anyway) and missed out on that whole stellar experience. I also would not have run out of money and had to face a squeaky-clean and freshly-ironed bank employee while I was looking like this.

Unless it really was food poisoning, in which case I would have gone through most of that at the office. I’m sure my co-workers would have been very impressed.

Yeah. I should write every day. That would spare you having to read these marathon entries. Oh right, and MEGA congratulations to Heather and Steve. Baby Evan is too, too cute. Yay!