Daily Archives: 10 June 2005

Summer fun

Today was the Sommerfest (summer-party, I guess) at the Sniglet’s kindergarten. We were talking about it this morning before Ignatz went to school, and the Sniglet called it the Sommerferien (summer vacation), so I told him no, the Sommerfest is today, the Sommerferien is in five weeks, and then he will have no kindergarten, and Ignatz will have no school, and I’ll spend the days banging my head on the floor. The Sniglet said, “Cool.”

Right, the Fest. Excruciating, as all organized kindergarten activities are. Okay, actually it wasn’t too horrible, they did a little skit based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar – the Sniglet was a slice of Swiss cheese – and it was fairly cute, although it wouldn’t have been less cute if it had been a bit shorter. Still better than last year, when they acted out some interminable story about a sunflower that had been written by one of the teachers. At the end everybody (parents too) had to sing the kindergarten’s official song, which had a bunch of shooby-doos in it, without being at all cool. I didn’t sing, because I never do, but next time I think I will. I’ll replace the shooby-doo with “shoot me now” and see who notices.