Daily Archives: 3 June 2005

day late, dollar short

So nothing really new there. My to-do list is reaching critical mass again – I always forget to appreciate it when I’m not overwhelmed. It’s the last six weeks of the school year, so there are a bunch of You Will Have Fun type activities that we have to support, most of them scheduled for days when DrBob’s out of town. Not that it would help that much if he were here, the kids are kinda my thing (not that he doesn’t get involved, but that I’m the primary parent, and he’s the helper). Anyway, he hates that kind of cutesy-butt stuff so much, he’d probably do his Darth Vader routine and scare the other children.

He took the Sniglet to the doctor on wednesday. The allergy medicine seemed to work for awhile, but the allergies are kicking in, so I wanted to get some kind of Benadryl-equivalent for him. Apparently he has asthma, so he has to learn to use an inhaler. Once again I am in the position of trying not to freak out.