blogger on thin ice

So I got this from Mary:

I tried to comment on the blog. It seemed to demand a registration, which I quit after it seemed to imply I was signing up for my own blog. Clicked on something that I thought might work without the sign-up, but I didn’t expect it to go. That was a week ago, or so.

I have appealed to the people for help on this, and I hope they’ll be able to resolve it. My only reason for using this instead of doing it by hand is that I don’t know how to add the comment feature to my own blog (to be honest, I haven’t even tried to find out). But if the Great Unregistered can’t comment here, then comments don’t work, for my purposes, and there’s no point in staying.

We’ll see what develops.


2 responses to “blogger on thin ice

  • Kelly Kelly Kelly

    Anna- this is me (Kelly) commenting on your blog without registering. Alll that has to be done is once you choose the “Leave Comment” link, you come to a small interface that allows you to “Choose and Identity”. You can be a “blogger”, “other” or “anonymous”. May should choose either “other” or “anonymous”.

  • anna, anonymously

    this is me, trying it too. Hope this works, because I tried to change my settings to what the blogger-helpoids suggested, and theywere already there.

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